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Acoustic guitar can be played unamplified and is perfect for strumming chords & songwriting. If you enjoy the music of Jack Johnson, Jason Derulo, Ed Sheran, Ben Howard, Joni Mitchell, Sheryl Crow, Amy McDonald then consider starting with acoustic guitar.

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Electric guitar offers more versatility and is slightly easier for younger learners with smaller neck and easier action. You will need an amplifier and perhaps also some effects pedals which will allow you to play in the syle of great guitarists such as John Mayer, Jimmy Page, Hendrix, Van Halen, Eric Clapton & The Edge.

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Bass Guitar provides the harmonic framework and rhythm in a band. It is used in many styles such as rock, pop, reggae, country, blues, and jazz. It is used as a solo instrument in jazz, fusion, Latin, funk, and in some rock and heavy metal styles.

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Vocal Coaching Programme

Brighter Music are pleased to partner with the highly successful vocal training program Singing Success. This program has been used by artists such as Hayley Williams (Paramore), Bryan White, Leigh Nash & The Gaither Vocal Band.

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Boss RC50 Loopstation

For those awaiting the arrival of a new industry-leading looper, the wait is finally over. Introducing the RC-50 — the most feature-laden Loop Station BOSS has ever built. It’s the best live looping tool ever built for that matter.   Housed in a spacious seven-footswitch floor unit, the RC-50 lets you manipulate three stereo phrase […]


Benefits of Learning Music

Recent research emphasises the benefits of learning music: ·Music aids the development of speech. Singing simple songs teaches your child how language is constructed. According to Jessica Pitt from the Pre-School Music Association: “Babies seem to learn best when songs are experienced through their bodies. Movement and music greatly enhance acquisition of language.” ·Music helps […]

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20 Ways to Solve Guitar Tuning Problems

There’s nothing more frustrating than a guitar that won’t stay in tune.  Here are twenty suggestions relating to the instrument set up and the guitarist’s technique which will help you to play in tune and stay in tune! Instrument 1. Tuning Technique. Most guitar instruction books teach the 4th/5th fret method which is a simple […]


Strumming Pattern – Taylor Swift (Breathe)

  Strumming Chart     Notes In the original song there are two acoustics playing and they use different capo positions to add extra texture. In this clip, the capo is on fret 6 and I’m using chord shapes are G – Dsus4 – C9. You can also put the capo on fret 1 and […]


A selection of excellent books for learning guitar, bass, keyboards and music theory


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