Acoustic guitar lessons in HilversumThere are often many different reasons why people decide to learn a musical instrument. Sometimes the reason for learning is fun and relaxation, joining or forming a band, or exam preparation. We believe that it is important for us to understand why the student wants to learn so that the lessons have a clear objective.
During the complimentary lesson, we make a 12 week plan and set goals with the student. This takes into account the agreed objective, current level of ability & age of the student.At the end of the period we review the plan and make an assessment of the progress made.We believe that it is important that the student chooses the correct instrument and equipment before starting. We are happy to provide independent advice on choosing guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, metronomes, tuners, effect pedals, etc.

Throughout the period of tuition, you will receive advice and plenty of encouragement. Whilst the tuition you receive is a key factor in your progress, the time you spend at home playing and practicing is equally as important. We encourage students to make use of a journal. This will enable you to make note of any difficulties you encounter and seek help in the next lesson. It also encourages you when you see just how much progress you have made.

We believe that learning to play an instrument should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience and would love to be a part of your success.

Lessons take place in the region of Hilversum and are available in electric & acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, music theory, home studio recording & band coaching.